Love Stories: Crashing into the Love of a Lifetime


Ari & Marcus

A car crash might not seem like the best way to start a romance, but fate has a funny way of showing us the road. When Ari went to buy a new car, she did not know that she would get into an accident during the test drive - all while crashing into love with the salesman.

“…Coincidentally, as we were test driving the car, I was rear ended, [and] thankfully, there were no injuries,” she recalled. “However, the accident caused me to visit the dealership several times as the car was getting repaired.”


As fate would have it, Marcus was on a break from his work in education and was selling cars in the meantime. On the last visit before making her final purchase, Marcus asked Ari on a date, and the road to love began for the couple, who have now said “I will.” Their stunning engagement shoot from master photographer Calvin Gavion Jr. brings romance and glamour to a perfect spring day in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Considering the road the couple has been on together, it was a well deserved day in paradise.

“…The most pivotal point in our relationship happened in 2014 seven months after we met, when my mom suddenly passed away from cancer,” Marcus said. “Ari flew to Manning, South Carolina from New Orleans in less than a week’s notice to support me through one of the darkest moments I’ve endured in my life.”

I knew my mom and guardian angel sent me a treasure and lifetime blessing. She’s mine forever

In her white and gold dress among towering trees enveloped by sunlight, the future bride looked straight out of paradise among the historic gardens of Longue Vue House . Marcus’ tux with matching gold bow tie was a small touch that completed the scintillating look.

For Ari it took a year before knowing Marcus was the one. She eventually fell in love with his steady and caring nature.

“From the beginning he accepted my flaws and faults and to this day still loves me in spite of them,” she said.


On the day Ari was celebrating another big accomplishment, that of earning her master’s degree, Marcus gave her the ultimate graduation gift.

“I hosted a graduation brunch at the venue to celebrate earning a master’s in business administration from Capella University,” Ari said. “All of my family and friends were in attendance and it was a huge surprise!”

Unlike the day they met, the proposal was smooth sailing.

“He told the story of how we met and shared how much I meant to him before unveiling a shirt he had on that said, ‘Will you marry me?’” Ari told us. “It was magical and very unexpected.”


That magic is further captured in their second look, for which Ari chose a simple black evening dress that provided a stunning visual balance to the greenery at City Park Botanical Gardens. The photo results are an example of how the black dress quickly formalizes a setting and does so without too much fuss.

“Calvin suggested both locations and they were perfect for our vision of a formal and elegant engagement shoot,” Ari said.

These pictures are a preview for a wedding that will surely sparkle with style. We can’t wait to see the bride and groom on their big day!


Creative Team

Photographer: Calvin Gavion Photography || Sew-In & Color: VIP Luxury Hair || Hair Stylist & Assistant: Ronda Marie from The Shop Beauty Bar || Make- up Artist: Dontae’ Amber