Love Stories: Danielle and Stephen Find Love at Homecoming

Danielle and Stephen met through a mutual friend at homecoming. Danielle said she knew Stephen was the one immediately and she was not afraid to pursue him. They survived three years of long distance, and they can’t wait to get married. Check out Danielle and Stephen’s engagement photos and read more about their love story in Danielle’s words below.


How did you meet?

“Stephen and I met through my best friend Naomi. Naomi and I went to homecoming at Valdosta State University, which happened to be where Stephen was an undergraduate student. We met on campus, I was interested because he was handsome, goofy and friendly, and I pursued him!” 


How did you know Stephen was the one? 

“I personally knew from the moment I met Stephen that he was ‘the one’. I’ve always felt that God brought him into my life for a reason and Stephen agrees with that. For the both of us though, the defining moment was when we separated after being long distance for 3 years. We both realized we didn’t want to be with anyone else. It was like a gravitational pull!” 


How did Stephen Propose? 

“Stephen bought the ring, with the help of my sister, in the winter of 2017 and proposed in Fall 2018, so the secret was kept for quite some time! He wanted the proposal to be some sort of grand gesture but decided that, on a random Tuesday night, in the comfort of our home, that he would get down on one knee and pop the question. I screamed and ran through the house while our dog chased me in circles wondering what was going on. It was private, sweet and perfect. I think I called every friend and family member on FaceTime immediately after!” 


“Our wedding day is right around the corner and we are so excited. It’ll be a night wedding and in a garden type setting, with fall colors, plenty of food and mandatory dancing haha. We’ll have a photo booth, fire pit, and cafe lights outside. Our family and friends are traveling from all over the US to celebrate with us.”



Venue: Little Gardens and Marietta Square 

Photographer: Nathalia Frykman Photography