Love Stories: Kiyanna and Glenn Find Love in a Study Circle

We love all of the unique settings in this beautiful engagement session. Photographers Robyn and Finch describe the engagement session, “Kiyanna and Glenn were engaged in beautiful California and wanted to recreate the mood of their utterly romantic vacation by having their engagement photos on Lake Michigan and with the Silver Lake sand dunes nearby we knew that we needed to make a day out of it.”

black couple in sand dunes

Kiyanna describes their love story: “We met in medical school in San Francisco. Over time we ended up in the same study circles and while initially we didn't love each other's personalities, over time things changed and we haven't stopped laughing since.”

“Glenn was born in Detroit but was later raised in Ventura, CA. His parents are both from Cameroon and moved here for college and graduate school. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, as were both of my parents. My father is of Jamaican descent (his father moved to the US when he was a young adult).”

“Glenn is funny, down to earth, calm, even-tempered, loving and considerate. He says I am beautiful, compassionate, kind, loving, empathetic, and funny.”  

couple on beach sand
couple on beach sand
couple by trees close to sunset
black couple in san dunes
black couple on the beach
african american couple cuddling
couple on beach sand

Location: Silver Lake State Park

Photographer: Robyn and Finch