Love Stories: High School Friends Find Love in College

Meet Jade and Joe. They are a super sweet couple that like to keep things simple. They met at their childhood church during high school and went to college together, but didn’t fully realize they were meant to be until they went to Spain together senior year. Once they decided, there was no going back! We hope you enjoy reading their cute love story and hearing about their wedding plans.


Jade & Joe

How they Knew they Found the One 

Joe said: “I’ve never like the idea of “the one.” I prefer the realization of knowing when you are ready to commit for a long time. There was never a sudden click, but I think I knew I didn’t ever want to lose her after we went to Spain together. It was an incredible growing experience for both of us, and we had an amazing time together.” 

Jade said, “Being best friends for years, I think we both knew (and most of our friends did too) that the two of us were meant to be. We took a trip to Spain together with friends a few months into dating, and after that trip it was clear that what we had was meant to last. 


Plans for the Wedding 

Jade said, “I’ve been in and to enough weddings to know that I wanted to keep ours as simple and fun as possible for everyone. I’m all about all things chic and elegant with a touch of edge, and that’s the vibe I want for our wedding as well. Neither of us are into bright colors or lots of flowers, so we knew we’d want a fall or winter wedding focused around deep, dark colors. We just want to be with our closest friends and family and for everyone to have a great time.” 

The Dress 

I worked next to Mia Bridal Couture in River Oaks for 3 years and I loved looking at the gorgeous dresses there every day. I spent so much time there that I became friends with the owner of the shop, as well as the girls who worked there. So of course, when we got engaged Mia Bridal was my first stop! I had a few designers that I was already a fan of, but there were a few Pronovias gowns I truly fell in love with. After a couple trips to other stores, and back to Mia’s a couple of times, I went with my gut and chose the most gorgeous Pronovias dress. I can’t wait for Joe to see it!


Joe’s closing remarks were, “I like her a lot. She thinks im pretty great. I plan to maintain that”. Sounds like a guy who knows what he is talking about to me! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness Jade & Joe  


Photographer : Sara Abdulaziz Photography