Love Stories: A Surprise Proposal in Deep Ellum

Photographer, Vanessa, was so inspired by Bria & Conan that she just had to photograph them, so she offered them a couples session. To her surprise, Conan reached out to ask if they could turn the couples session into an engagement session with a surprise proposal! The results are epic. Check out their gorgeous gallery and sweet love story below.

Bria & Conan


Vanessa describes the surprise engagement, “We wanted Bria to think it was a regular couples session. After they had tacos and taking photos at a few spots in Deep Ellum, we finally reached a secluded area in the busy streets of Deep Ellum. I proceeded in guiding them to their next pose. I asked Conan and Bria to turn their backs to each other allowing Conan to pull the ring box out of his pocket. Then Conan got down on one knee and I asked Bria to turn to him. And to her surprise he asked her to marry him! Bria was so excited and was in total shock. Conan had informed me over the phone that Bria was expecting him to propose to him in the sand dunes of Monahans, TX in August, but he wanted to completely surprise her and make it special.”


Bria on the surprise proposal, “I was SOO surprised! He did so much in just a few days to prepare for it. He asked my father for his permission. He recruited my friends for help. We had a casual session scheduled, and he reached out to the photographers to scope out a place to do it. I had no clue during the session. She asked us to stand back to back for a shot, and I felt him turn around. I turned around, and he was on his knee. I was so shocked, my first answer was ‘Shut up!’ Followed by ‘Stop playing!’ I eventually calmed down and said YES!” 


The Ring

“It’s amazing! Conan knows I’m not into diamonds, but I’m obsessed with crystals and gemstones. The center stone is morganite, which is a love stone that cleanses the heart chakra. There’s so much special meaning in that, and I love that the ring I’m going to be wearing forever is more than just a pretty rock.” 


Bria shares what makes her relationship feel special, “We have had some amazing highs and devastating lows in our relationship. We have loved each other in so many different ways, but through it all, has was always one of my best friends. I have always been able to talk to him about anything under the sun. There has also been so much joy and laughter between us. Conan will stop and dance with me anywhere. He’s also my biggest supporter. I own a small business, and I know that any goal I share with him, no matter how big or challenging it may be, his response is always, ‘what’s the first step we can take to accomplish that.’ He’s even gone as far as to come out in jobs as my assistant. Everything I prayed for in a partner is what I’ve gotten from my fiancé (wow that word still makes me smile like crazy!)”

The Wedding Planning has Already Begun!

“I am a wedding photographer, so I’ve been planning my wedding bit by bit for years. We are having a super intimate wedding in Austin fall of 2020. My maid of honor is a jewelry maker, so all of the accessories for the day will be made with love from quartz we mined ourselves. Another one of my close friends is a florist/ wedding planner, so I know every detail of our day will be planned with love. As excited as I am for the wedding, I’m more excited for a lifetime full of love with my best friend.”

We’re excited for you too, Bria & Conan! We hope your wedding is everything you’ve dreamed and your marriage is even better.


Location: Emporium Pies

Photographer: Vanessa Martins Photography