New York Engagement Session: Anna & Jordan

This New York engagement session is like a sample of NYC. Their photographer, Heather, captured Anna & Jordan at Central Park, outside of the New York Public Library, and Grand Central Station. Anna said, “We decided to do our engagement photos in New York since a year and half of our relationship was in New York city because I lived there. We wanted to have our locations mean something to us as opposed to just going to a park and taking pictures.”

The result is a stunning engagement session. Their love story is also super sweet! Enjoy!!


How did you meet?

Anna describes meeting Jordan for the first time: “My cousin invited me to a New Year's Eve banquet at the Aria Wedding Banquet Facility in Connecticut in 2015. As I was single, I was debating going to the banquet without a date. My cousin assured me that Jordan would be there without a date and I thought that we could keep each other's company. We talked all night and hit it off then.”


How did you know you’d found the one?

Anna said she knew Jordan was the one when: “On our fourth date he brought me natural sleeping pills and a portable battery because I was not sleeping well and my phone died often. That gesture touched me deeply as it was so unexpected and the sweetest thing. I knew then I would marry him.”

Jordan said he knew Anna was the one because:There was a comfort level early on as if we had known each other for years, and our personalities balanced each other so well. I'm not a big talker, but I found myself willingly talking on the phone with her for hours. I couldn't wait to see her again. I wanted time to fast forward when I wasn't with her and slow down when we were together.”


How did Jordan propose?

“He proposed at a Japanese Conservatory Garden in Connecticut on August 26, 2018. We went on a stroll in the garden and were in the mist of taking pictures when he then dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him.”

Why did you choose your photographer?

“Heather was my sister's photographer and I met her at my sister's wedding. She was so kind and her photos were absolutely stunning and I knew I wanted her to also be my photographer! She is incredibly passionate, and not to mention super talented. During my sister's wedding, she kept everyone calm and did everything so that my sister had a stress free wedding. I appreciated that tremendously and wanted her as part of my team on my big day. In addition, while researching other photographers, I realized a lot of them did not have many diversity in their portfolios. That was not the case with Heather. Not only does she have diverse brides and grooms, she made sure to also display those diverse photos in her Instagram and her website. That was very important to me and I knew I had to have her in my corner!”

NYC Engagement Session

Creative Team

Makeup: Jeannne Villalba

Photography: Never There Yet Photography