How The Art of Makeup Turned into A Calling


LaNisha Nazon didn’t expect to have a career as a makeup artist.

“When I begin to do makeup it really wasn't a ;thing’ you did to make money,” she said. “Although I loved watching my mom as a child put on her mascara and red lipstick, that was never the goal in life.”

LaNisha stumbled into the craft in college while working with a performance group, and she soon realized she had a gift for the art. She began practicing on friends and family members, and eventually, she went on to found Soft Glamour Beauty in Dallas, Texas.

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“Before I stumbled into makeup artistry I was in college studying mass communications,” she said. “I saw myself as a major network producer like Kara Lynch from ‘Being Mary Jane.”

LaNisha began practicing on friends and family members, and she eventually went on to found her Dallas-based company, Soft Glamour Beauty.

LaNisha’s true calling isn’t so far off from what she had originally planned: much like Kara, LaNisha provides support to her stars while assuring they feel beautiful and ready to face the next chapter of their lives.

“I live by Maya Angelou's quote, ‘People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel,’” she said. “I believe that if my talent in makeup artistry can be used to make someone feel much better about themselves, about life or about anything in general, I am doing just what God has called me to do and at the end of the day, that's my goal in life.”

LaNisha’s ability to foster a connection with her bridal clients has been pivotal to her success.

“My favorite part about being apart of a brides wedding day is right before she walks into the ceremony and she and I are alone for those few moments,” LaNisha said. “It's an honor to be in that space.”

And LaNisha knows exactly what to do to calm those last-minute nerves.

“I know that she is frantic, nervous and basically freaking out internally and sometimes externally,” she said. “If I have to tell her a joke to make her laugh or take her mind to the place where she is relaxing on the beach after her wedding day is over - what ever it is I have to do to center her at that moment is my favorite part of my bride’s day.” 

According to LaNisha, what makes her craft unique is a focus on classic aesthetics so that her brides can depend on their pictures standing the test of time.

“Makeup from the 70's or 80's can be dated by a time frame just by looking at it,” LaNisha said. “What I have been able to do is apply makeup that doesn't really have a time stamp on it.”

For this whimsical shoot, LaNisha pulled inspiration from her model while using her knowledge of current trends. The model’s shimmering yet understated look complimented the bright decor of the shoot created a fairytale look suited for a younger, more spunky bride.

“Most if not all brides want to glow and shimmer,” she said. “My favorite palette to use to achieve those looks would be the Morphe Jacklyn Hill palette or I love to incorporate the Stila liquid eye shadows.”

LaNisha’s goal is to not only “transcend time,” but to also cater to a bride’s unique individuality.

“I also give each one of my brides their own individual looks,” LaNisha said. “No two brides will ever be the same for me. “

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