A Photograph for Generations to Cherish

On her journey to build her wedding photography business, Beya Johnson realized her work was not just about recording special moments but also building a legacy that could last generations.

beya headshot.jpg

“I remember seeing an old photo of my grandmother and grandfather’s wedding day, and how much she cherished the photograph,” Beya, who founded Beya Johnson Photography, said. “Imagine the major role this photographer played on my grandparents’ most important day?”

Looking at her own legacy led Beya to helping others create their own.

“I wanted to be the same for a future bride and groom, where they can hold on these memories for years to come and to show these photographs to future generations,” Beya said.


Beya shoots weddings and families, but there’s something about being there on that special day that Beya finds truly captivating.

“My favorite part of photographing brides is the raw emotion they show on their wedding day,” Beya said. “From getting ready with the bridesmaids, having mom touch up final dress details, seeing the glimmer in Dad’s face to the ultimate moment of seeing the groom.”


What’s Beya’s secret for capturing such intimate moments? She says it’s all about being her subject’s “biggest hype (wo)man.”

“I remind them how fantastic and gorgeous they look and compliment on the details they’ve picked (earrings,  necklace, wedding dresses etc),” she said. “I direct them gently instead of making them pose in traditional poses.”


Beya knows that giving her wedding parties the freedom to be themselves is where the best photographs come from.

“I make them feel as comfortable as possible and establish a good rapport with them and all their guests,” she said.

Beya was born and raised in a small desert town in Northern Kenya and moved to the United States with her father at the age of 13.  Now she is a Maryland based wedding and portrait photographer.

She describers herself as “a wife to a wonderful husband, a mother to a sweet baby girl & a  7 year old Boxer named Max”.


We love the way Beya describes her passion: “Nothing is more exciting than living in the grand East Coast with all its beautiful landscapes and richness of culture.   My love for photography began here as there are endless, breath-taking sceneries to capture.   But I love nothing more than capturing those important milestones in people’s lives.  I believe it is very important to preserve memories of you and your loved ones, and the best way to do that is to record those memories through pictures!”   

You will see more of Beya’s amazing work in Volume I of Our Love In Color. If you can’t wait to see more of Beya’s work or need to book a session, go to BeyaJohnson.com.

Headshot photo credit Renee Hollingshead Photography